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Old Haileyburians lift the Haileybury Cup

Just before the start of the Spring Term Haileybury hosted the Haileybury Cup hockey tournament for old boys’ teams.

OH Captain Alex Pilgrim congratulated his side: "Everyone put in a lot of effort and we were a top quality side to be reckoned with – unstoppable!"

Beat teams from Berkhamstead and Tonbridge among others on their to to win the Cup.

OH team: (left to right, back)Will Munn, Ed Graves, Wyndham Hughes d’Aeth, James Pinney, Alex Subba Row, James Daniels, Stuart Pilgrim, Alexander Pilgrim (captain); (left to right, front) Ben Spencer, Jack Garrett, David Wilson, Ben Balmforth, George Allner and Marcus Farnfield.