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Old Haileyburian Anthony Anstead to appear on BBC programme

Sir Stirling Moss was a massive presence in Formula One racing and fellow Old Haileyburian Anthony Anstead is also set to make an automotive impact in a different way, writes David Rimmer.

Moss, who attended Haileybury in the 1940s, was a charismatic figure in the 1950s, when he came second four times in the Formula One championship. He got 16 race wins and is now regarded as a national treasure.

A much younger car ambassador has come forward and having been driven by him on several occasions, I know Anstead likes and is thrilled by speed.

However, Anstead’s strength is not in racing but the building of cars from scratch. The 36-year-old from Ware in Hertfordshire has built up his knowledge over the last decade running a business that builds and supplies bespoke cars to an international waiting list of the richest and most demanding car clients.

His talent has now attracted the BBC after two series of being a stand-out performer in Channel 4’s hugely popular series For the love of cars.

Anstead, who attended Haileybury between 1995 and 1997 (Batten) in the Sixth Form, has been recognised after being hand selected for the new BBC series Building Cars Live hosted by none other than former Top Gear presenter James May.

The new show, Cars Live, is due to be on our screens this autumn, and Ant (as he is fondly known) is honoured and excited by the forthcoming challenge, which promises to be an interesting contrast to Top Gear.

Anstead said: "I am humbled to be chosen to represent the BBC in what is an exciting project that totally fascinates me."

He is also grateful for the experience gained in For the Love of cars.

Anstead said: "I feel that the past two years experience filming with Channel 4 has given me a solid understanding on how television works, how to present and engage with the viewer. And the prospect of doing it LIVE, where there is no room for error is something I am looking forward to, but nervous at the same time."

The filming for the pre-recorded element starts this month (July), where each presenter films four VT's to show within the live shows.

And the prospect of the third series of For The Love Of Cars is an ongoing discussion behind the scenes at Channel 4.

Anstead is the second son of Nigel and Sue Anstead whose family was much loved and respected by the Haileybury community.

Nigel was the catering manager for Compass at Haileybury between 1989 and 2003, and did so much for the community. More recently Nigel, who runs a pub in Bedford, was awarded a BEM for his tireless fund-raising services for charity.

Nigel’s third and fourth sons Nick and Michael also attended Haileybury.