fbpx Old Boy MP back at school - Haileybury

Old Boy MP back at school

Barry Gardiner, the Labour MP for Brent North, is going back to school on Thursday, 15 September 2011, when he will address the Political Society at Haileybury. Mr Gardiner is a former pupil, finishing as Head of School in 1976.

The topic of his address is "The Way Ahead for Labour", whilst he will also talk about his personal journey from Haileybury to Westminster.

A former Mayor of Cambridge, he entered Parliament in dramatic fashion in 1997, ousting the veteran Tory Sir Rhodes Boyson from his North London stronghold. He has held the seat comfortably ever since. On a previous visit to Haileybury 10 years ago, he said he expected the Tories to be a major force again within 10 years, "when Labour gets complacent".