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Nigel and Lewis distinguish themselves

Haileybury pupils enjoyed a successful Model United Nations conference at Croydon during half term, with Nigel Wong and Lewis Colson achieving "Distinguished Delegate" awards, both making considerable impressions on the back of sound preparation and solid presence throughout.

Congratulations are also due to Richard Haslam and Ben Phillips whose chairing skills, excellent procedural work and positive demeanour were very much a notable feature of the conference.

"The quality of much of the preparation work was very good – we arrived with a set of solid resolutions and made a very positive impression with these and on the debating floor," says the Director of MUN at Haileybury, Michael Perrins.

Commiserations are undoubtedly due to Andreas Payne who did sterling work during the conference and had his very good resolution passed unanimously. He only just missed out on an award and should consider himself unlucky indeed!