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New honorary scholars announced

In Lists this morning the Master, Joe Davies, announced the names of those pupils whose summer examination results were so outstanding that they have been awarded the status of Honorary Scholar.

Georgina Heaton (H), Jessica Billings (C), Henry Bishop (K), Emma Horsburgh (Alb), Nonye Okoli (C), Benedict Tottman (Tr), Mark Walther (Th), Alex Gaskell (Th), Chad Stacey (L), Zahir Ramcharan (B), Lauren Roberts (Aby), Emily Sanders (LS) and Helena Page (C) have now joined the school’s Enrichment Groups which encourage the pupils to broaden their intellectual outlook through visits and lectures.

Toby Smyth (Tr), Sophie Von Ungern-Sternberg (Alb) and Oliver Simmonds (Th) also join the Senior Enrichment Group as new Academic Scholars.