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MUN The Hague

15 students made up the Haileybury delegation to The Hague last week. 7 boys and 8 girls from Lower and Upper Sixth took part in what is the largest conference of its type in the world, this year attended by over 3,800 students from 104 countries, some as far afield as Australia and Zambia. Charlie Hudleston (Colvin U6) featured in the Press delegation, working as part of a team putting together news and photos into a quality daily magazine for the conference. She was lucky enough to be given the assignment to cover the main guest speaker, the UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan, at the closing ceremonies. Her resulting photograph from this is to be used on the official conference website, www.thimun.org. Haileybury students took part in various forums such as the Congressbaum, where Huw Davies (Kipling U6) who led the delegation, made the opening speech to 1800 other delegates. Sarah Bedingfield played a supporting role to the less experienced, Lower Sixth delegates during the week as well as being very successful within her huge committee. Jeremy Lloyd’s resolution passed in sub-commission stage with such a majority that it was added directly to the booklet put together to go to the UN after the conference – a rare occurrence. Martin Goff, who accompanied the delegation to The Hague, said it was a very successful week with the Haileybury delegation being one of the strongest there. "They all devoted huge amounts of energy to the conference and their attitude and approach to the whole week was commendable."