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MUN Dublin

During the Easter holidays 13 pupils attended the St. Andrew’s Model United Nations Conference in Dublin. This is now Europe’s largest competitive MUN and, as ever, the standard was high with over 100 delegations present from 75 schools. The delegates had come from all over Europe as well as the Middle East and North America. Among the highlights of the conference was a visit and address from John Hume (former leader of the SDLP and the Nobel Prize winner). Thus pupils who attended the Hague as well as Dublin have heard two Nobel Prize winners speak in the last three months! At the conference our own delegation of China won the top award of "Outstanding Delegation". They were Jeremy Lloyd (Lawrence), Huw Davies (Kipling), Hugh Gaskell-Taylor (Edmonstone), Ben Rowe (Batten), Jamie Wooller (Lawrence) and Sephie Bridgman-Baker (Colvin). They were outstanding throughout the conference and performed consistently well to win their award.