fbpx Michelle Paver's Top Tips for Surviving in Ancient Greece - Haileybury

Michelle Paver's Top Tips for Surviving in Ancient Greece

Best-selling author Michelle Paver had an audience of over 290 pupils, including our Lower School 1, enthralled by her tales of life in Ancient Greece when she visited Haileybury yesterday.

The author of the Gods & Warriors series talked about the environment her hero Hylas and heroine Pirra had to grow up in and the research she has undertaken to ensure her writing is as authentic as possible. She has been swimming with dolphins – sacred to the Ancient Greeks – and climbed an active volcano to experience for herself its pungent smells and steep slopes. She brought in artefacts for the children to hold and touch, including an ancient axe head and a deer hide. The audience also learned 101 uses for the various body parts of a hare!

"The children really enjoyed the talk by Michelle. They came back to school with tales of bears and volcanoes and many had bought a copy of her books", reported a teacher from The Cranbourne School in Hoddesdon.