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Mayowa achieves a Haileybury first

Congratulations to four Lower School boys – Callum Scutt, Christian Scales (LS1) and Thomas Grint and Mayowa Balogun (LS2) – who represented the Herts & Essex regional football team at Repton School in the regional festival.

Over the course of Sunday 29th, Monday 30th and Tuesday 31st March they played seven games:

The results and Haileybury pupils' scoring contributions were:

Game 1 Herts & Essex Vs North East Won 5-1 Christian Scales 1
Game 2 Herts & Essex Vs West Midlands Won 12-1 Callum Scutt 2, Mayowa Balogun 1
Game 3 Herts & Essex Vs London Lost 4-3 Christian Scales 1
Game 4 Herts & Essex Vs South East Won 4-0  
Game 5 Herts & Essex Vs North West Lost 2-1  
Game 6 Herts & Essex Vs South Central West Lost 3-0  
Game 7 Herts & Essex Vs South Central East Won 5-1 Thomas Grint 1

Thirty boys were selected for the final trial, which included Mayowa Balogun, Haileybury's Under 13 A team captain.

From this final trial game, the Under 14 ISFA National Squad was selected to participate in a further Festival at Repton between 11th and 14th August 2009. This Festival is attended by a number of professional clubs' academies and centres of excellence, all of whom will be preparing for the 2009-10 season. As such, the standard will be high and it should prove an excellent experience which will test the abilities of ISFA's best players.

Congratulations must go to the all four boys and in particular Mayowa Balogun for achieving a Haileybury first – Under 14 ISFA national squad selection.