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Lower Sixth pupil gains place on prestigious Arkwright Engineering Scholarship programme

After a rigorous selection process, involving assessments and interviews, Lower Sixth pupil, Dijan, successfully secured a scholarship on the Arkwright Engineering Scholarship programme.

An Arkwright Engineering Scholarship is the most esteemed scholarship of its type in the UK and is designed to inspire pupils to pursue their dreams and change the world as a future leader in engineering.

On being awarded the Scholarship, pupils are matched with an organisation aligned with their chosen career plans who will offer them support through mentoring and hands-on experience. Dijan was successfully matched with the Royal Air Force Air Cadets, which she is delighted about as she is hoping to pursue a career in aerospace engineering.

As part of the interview process for the Scholarship, Dijan presented her Design & Technology project to create a ski rack specifically designed for small children. The idea came to her when she noticed that smaller children often struggled to get their shorter skis in and out of standard ski racks.

Dijan also presented her design for an agility toy, a variation on the buzz-wire game where the player has to move a hoop along without touching the wire, and a radio.

Dijan will now benefit from access to a mentor from the RAF Cadets for the next two years, which is already proving invaluable, as well as opportunities to attend lectures on topics she would like to focus on in her future career, such as engineering and climate change.

“Although this endeavour has been challenging- both pushing me academically and as a person, pursuing the Arkwright scholarship has been extremely worthwhile. The opportunities that this award comes with allow me to extend my education and further my passion for engineering.” – Dijan, Lower Sixth

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