fbpx Lower School pupils try out endangered instruments - Haileybury

Lower School pupils try out endangered instruments

Lower School 1 pupils have enjoyed a fun start to their music lessons at Haileybury, with introductions to rare instruments by expert teachers. This enabled the pupils to hear and have a go on instruments such as the Harp, Double Bass, Oboe, Bassoon, French Horn, Violin and Trombone. The instruments were demonstrated by the teachers, after which the pupils had a go and, in some cases, played a class piece on them. This even included a class rendition on the Flintstones on violins and cello!

They have also had a look at the saxophone, seeing a rare bass saxophone and watched video clips of the National Saxophone Choir of Great Britain.

Haileybury is offering pupils in LS1 the chance to try out one of the "endangered" instruments by offering three free lessons with the hope that they will then continue as music making can be such great fun. If they were to take up an instrument they would be able to play in all the ensembles the school offers, go on tours, play in concerts and make great friends and have lots fun.

Contact the Music Department for more information.