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Lower School 2 Day in the Workplace

As an initial step in their Careers Education, last Monday (18 March) all Lower School 2 (Year 8) pupils undertook a day in the workplace. In most cases this involved them accompanying one of their parents to work in order to get a taste of what the world of employment involves, while a small number accompanied another relative, family friend or were kindly offered placements by the parents of other pupils.

Pupils were asked to keep a diary during the day and to seek out a person in the workplace to interview about their role. On return to school, Lower School 2 are hard at work producing a project based on their day and a poster about the workplace they visited.

Mr Rob Turnbull, Head of Careers, said, “I am very grateful to all the parents who supported this initiative and I hope that the pupils had an enjoyable and informative day. I am looking forward to reviewing their project work based on their experiences.”