fbpx Lower School 1 Geographical Skills Day - Haileybury

Lower School 1 Geographical Skills Day

To bring an end to a busy Spring Term, LS1 travelled to Epping Forest on Tuesday 22 March to take part in a geographical skills day. This allowed them to learn new skills, put into practice those learnt in the classroom and investigate the pressures that the area faces from tourists.

After a chilly start, the pupils spent most of the day outside in the sunshine completing activities that tested their grid reference skills before learning how to use a compass, take a bearing and complete a navigation trail.

In the afternoon they conducted an investigation into the impact of visitors to this quiet and beautiful area of north east London. Pupils planned their investigation before measuring vegetation cover, soil compaction and litter quantity with distance from the middle of the forest. Once completed, there was much discussion about how the area is managed, and perhaps how it could be managed better in the future.

Next term sees LS1 look at local settlements and shopping patterns before a trip to Hemel Hempstead to see the newly opened Amazon Fulfilment Centre in action before comparing online shopping to local retail parks.

Mr George Seccombe, Head of Geography