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League Tables explanation

This year, despite having recorded some of the best ever public examination results, Haileybury decided not to publish its results in the League Tables compiled by the press. This decision was taken because, at the stage when we had to decide the issue, the basis on which the League Tables would be compiled did not seem to be fair and equitable to those candidates who had taken the IB Diploma Programme. At that stage, the message was clearly given that the League Tables would equate an IB grade 5 with a Grade C at A level. In light of the fact that IB candidates take 6 subjects in their examinations, complete an Extended Essay and fulfill obligations in Theory of Knowledge and the CAS programme, this seemed to undervalue the Grade 5 results.

Although we have not appeared in the League Tables, Haileybury did submit its results to the Independent Schools’ Council as usual and we, as a school, are very proud of the achievements of the pupils who were in our leaving cohort. The average IB points score of 37.3 is especially pleasing and marks a considerable step forward from our previous average. A2 results were also excellent as almost 18% of grades awarded to Haileybury pupils were at the new demanding A* level. Furthermore, a substantial improvement occurred in the AS examination results.

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