fbpx Lacrosse win over Stowe - Haileybury

Lacrosse win over Stowe

Saturday’s lacrosse schedule was set for a double bill with Stowe for the 1st team and Piper’s Corner for the 2nds, but the latter had to pull out due to internal scheduling problems.

The 1st XII, reinforced by Sophie Baird, Lucy Joseph, Alana Kazykhonova and Charis Bridgman-Baker, played a game at their own level despite some rather questionable calls. The opposition were kept at a comfortable distance as seven of our squad angled in shots on their goal. A good number of parents saw 5 of 7 shots for Sophie and 2 of 4 for Lauren.

On a lighter note, after their comfortable win last year, the 1st XII lacrosse team thought they’d have a laugh while playing the 1st XV rugby boys but the first five minutes of last Thursday’s game saw the old rugby/lacrosse rivalry kick in to high gear.

With slightly modified rules, the game was as intense as any. The 1st XV played with their usual flair while the girls took advantage of their understanding of the game. Although all the goals scored were heavily contested, the referee counted a 3-1 win for rugby.

A wonderful close to the season!