fbpx Lacrosse win against Benenden - Haileybury

Lacrosse win against Benenden

It was another strong showing for the lacrosse teams last weekend against Benenden.

The opposing coach chose to field mixed 3rd and 4th squads against our 1st and 2nds respectively. Perhaps she was hoping that her 3rds, the U15 National Schools Champions, would be an equal match, but no such luck. The 1st XII were startled into their game by a very quick starting goal for Benenden, after which our centre, Izzy Baugh, overpowered her opposite number and snugly delivered the draws to attack wing, Aly Cobb. The attack runs from there were characteristically diverse but the most pleasing was the début goal from Kasita Rochanakorn. The final score was an 11-5 win for Haileybury.

The 2nd XII had their hands full with their opponents in the first half, tying at 2-2. The tide was finally turned by the increased efforts from Sissy Reutter on interceptions, and Harriet Allner as the cover point. The squad had been focusing on defensive training in the past week and it really paid off as they held Benenden to their score.

Meanwhile, on our attacking end, Rina Nau assisted rookie Katie Stacey into a quick-stick beauty and Ashling Coyle took control. The squad closed the game to a 6-2 win.