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Lacrosse teams get season off to a good start

Haileybury’s lacrosse players continue to make their mark, with three players selected for county trials on 2 October.

Under 15 player, Livia Bridgman Baker, and first team players Lauren Smith and Lucy Phillips will be showing what they are made of next weekend when they try out for the Herts side.

Last weekend also saw some great action from the Haileybury players, with the first team coming fifth in a tournament of 16 teams. Of particular significance was the fact that they held Berkhamstead to seven goals – a great accomplishment!

The team has also recently had success against St Albans, winning 9-6, and Abbots Hill, with a 10-2 win.

In the first match, Ali Cobb and Sophie Baird scored seven of the nine goals between them, and Lucy Phillips had a number of assists. Defence was strong and the transition up the field was excellent.

The key to the Abbots Hill match was the midfield. The team worked really hard and only let the ball get to our defensive end a few times. People were collapsing, and double and triple teaming the opponents which left the other team with no options. Everyone played very well and deserved their big win!