fbpx Lacrosse teams deliver the goods - Haileybury

Lacrosse teams deliver the goods

Moving into the second week of school the Lacrosse teams have competed no fewer than five times!

Last Thursday saw the 1st and 2nd XIIs travel away to play Haberdasher’s Ask, the second ranked lacrosse school in the county. The 2nd XII included new additions Alex Allen, who had played lacrosse in the lower school club, and Alexis Barker, a new L6 who had picked up a stick for the first time the preceding Tuesday, as well as tested regulars like Emily Bowden-Eyer, captain, and Katorina Nau, cover-point.

The 2nd XII found their feet quickly in their first match and delivered a satisfying 2-2 draw. The 1st XII had its task clearly set out as well, but did brilliantly by consistently controlling possession and producing a nail-biting 8-7 win.

On Saturday, the 2nd XII squared up against the 1st team from Piper’s Corner in a test of maximum performance. Sisters Charis and Livia Bridgman-Baker played well at opposite ends of the field and a fantastic goal was fed in by 1st home, Kate Sullivan.

The 1st XII also faced the Piper’s Corner squad in their season’s first double header. U15 sensation Sophie Baird had a whopping 5 goals, while the rest of the attacking side contributed 6 goals, making for a stunning 11-2 win.

Trying to reign in their enthusiasm, our pride then moved onto the Stowe 1st XII. Fresh legs served Stowe well as they put away 2 goals in quick succession. The Haileybury defence was hardly going to let that continue and zipped up the critical scoring area. As our attack began to build up steam, a steady stream of disadvantageous decisions by a referee broke up our offensive transitions, but even that couldn’t deliver a win for Stowe though and the game resulted in an 8-8 draw.

Well done to the teams!