fbpx Lacrosse in heroic battle against Walthamstow Hall - Haileybury

Lacrosse in heroic battle against Walthamstow Hall

The Haileybury lacrosse team faced off against Walthamstow Hall this weekend. The first team played a physical match and put away three goals. Helen Mallinson’s heroic début in goal helped the pace of the game but unfortunately the result was a 3-6 loss, a first for the 1st XII this season.

The 2nd team played a nail-bitingly close match. At the half the score was tied 3 all, but a sneaky goal by the opposition put them ahead. Despite several drives to goal by Sophie Baird, Kate Sullivan and Kasita Rochanakorn, the final whistle saw a 3-4 finish.

The U15 squad played with determination throughout the game. An early run was hard to overcome and the final score was 2-9 against.

The two teams will face up against each other again in the last home game of the season.