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Kipling House celebrates musical talent

The boys of Kipling have celebrated the exceptional musical talent in the house with a newly released CD, ‘Music From Kipling’, which includes performances by The Kipling Jazz Band and The Kipling Close Harmony Group.

There are solos and ensembles in the recording, which features players and singers from every year in the house.

The music ranges from Duke Ellington and Scott Joplin numbers to Gershwin and Rachmaninov in the 17-track album, recorded during the year by Kipling tutor and musician, Derek Longman. Leaving music scholars, Ollie Lepage-Dean and Josh Edwards, are featured on the CD, which concludes with their performance of the popular duet, ‘You Raise Me Up’.

"We are delighted to possess so many talented musicians in the house," says Housemaster, Russell Matcham. "This recording captures a slice of Kipling’s artistic life as well as recording the talent that has entertained and moved audiences in recent years."

The CD is now on sale and available from Russell Matcham, priced £6 each or £10 for two.