fbpx International Week at Haileybury - Haileybury

International Week at Haileybury

To honour our school’s diversity and multi-cultural community, last week saw us celebrate International Week at Haileybury with a range of exciting initiatives.

Our Dining Hall was fully transformed to far-away places from Morocco to Peru. Pupils and staff were treated to a wonderful week of tasty traditional dishes from all around the world. Every day, during the Half the pupils gathered together in the Grubber to socialise, try international food, some of which was prepared by their peers and learn more about other cultures. A fun and educational quiz tested the pupils’ knowledge on flags and their language. We celebrated Mufti day on Friday, with pupils dressing up in the colours of their flag and donating to charity.

We are very proud to have pupils from over 40 countries at Haileybury and it was great to see that they took part in all the activities on offer during international week!