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Instrumental Competition winners announced

There was a tremendous night of soloists battling it out in our Instrumental Competition Final last night – a blissful and sustained display of individual talent throughout – a substantial pleasure.

Congratulations to all participants over the evenings of competition – for practising, raising your game and dealing with nerves.

Thanks to all supporters (especially those teachers who kept on returning to support again and again), to the accompanists, adjudicators and music teachers, and above all, to Miss Tomsett for putting so much detail and co-ordination so flawlessly together.

Special congratulations to the following prize-winners – terrific achievements that revealed the honing of skills over many years.

Rebecca Simmonds (U6) Ian Street Prize for Singing

Thomas Blanchard (U6) Heywood Prize for Percussion

Izzy Hunt (U6) Heywood Prize for Piano

Nicole Masters (L6) Heywood Prize for Woodwind

Jamie Ainsworth (V) Casimir Prize for Saxophone

Emily Walker (M) Heywood Prize – Young Instrumentalists

Sophie Sanders (R) Casimir Clarinet Prize – Junior

Alexander Shambrook (LS1) Singing Treble