fbpx Important Calendar Amendments - Haileybury

Important Calendar Amendments

AUTUMN TERM FIELD WEEKEND 2010 will now run Saturday late afternoon (after fixtures) 9 October 2010 to Monday evening 11 October 2010. This will involve CCF Middles, Fifths and Sixths, and selected D of E Sixths, on both the Sunday and the Monday, plus D of E Middles on the Sunday only. (It is unclear at this range whether or not the Lower School 2 trip to Madrid which happened in October 2009 will be repeated in 2010.) As far is practicable, ‘normal teaching’ will continue on the Monday for those not involved.

AUTUMN HALF-TERM 2010 will start at 4.30pm Friday 15 October 2010 for all, and will end on Sunday evening (for boarders) 31 October 2010. There will be a Sixth Form D of E Gold Practice expedition, departing early on Saturday 16 October and return late on Monday 18 October; this expedition must be completed by those wishing to do their qualifying expedition in July 2011.

SPRING HALF-TERM 2011 will move on a week, now starting at 4.30pm Friday 18 February 2011 and ending on Sunday evening (for boarders) 27 February 2011. This change is to align the Haileybury break with that in the Hertfordshire maintained sector. (The Hertfordshire dates were not available at the time Haileybury’s provisional dates were published.)

Detailed arrangements for the end of the Spring term 2011 remain to be confirmed. (The earliest release date and time will be lunchtime Friday 1 April 2011 and latest Sunday afternoon/evening 3 April 2011.)