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(I)GCSE: Exam challenges faced with strength, resilience and perseverance

GCSE pupils at Haileybury received their results this morning, and we are extremely proud of their outstanding performance.

There is much for our pupils to celebrate:

  • With over a third of all grades awarded at 9.

  • Nearly four out of every five grades a 7, 8 or 9.

  • Over half of our pupils got 5 or more grades 8 or 9.

Please view our full results here 

For our GCSE pupils, a significant amount of their GCSE courses were taught online during the lockdowns of 2021 and, when they were in school, the pupils were taught in bubbles for the first part of their courses. That our pupils achieved such strong results despite these challenges is all the more cause for celebration.

The following pupils achieved exceptionally strong results across their GCSEs:

Martha, Junru, Ely, Josephine, Blu, Alexander, Serena, Isabella, Maya, Roman, Luna, Sophie, Herlene, Cecilia, Oliver, Bodhi.

I am extremely pleased with my GCSE results. I worked hard in the lead up to my exams with a clear timetable for revision, for which I would like to thank my teachers and tutors for their guidance. I am also very grateful for my family and peers for their love and support as I would not have been able to succeed without them. I can’t wait to start the next chapter of my life in sixth form at Haileybury.”Martha

“I’m very happy with my results that i’ve received this morning. My results highlight the hard work that myself, the teachers and staff have put in over the past two years, and the support of my friends and family, who have helped me to achieve my grades today. I am now looking forward to starting my A-Levels in September.”Blu

“I am unbelievably happy with my results and I am so glad that all the hard work paid off in the end. I couldn’t have achieved my goals without my amazing teachers who were always helpful and the support I received from Albans.”Cecilia 

“Naturally, in the lead up to the exams there was some anxiety given that exams hadn’t been sat in three years. However, I’m delighted to come out of it with these results and thankful for the experience it has given me.”Oliver

“The anticipation leading up to results day was so nerve wrecking but I’m so pleased with my performance. I would like to thank all my teachers, as well as Mrs Millo and Miss Hawkins for all their support.”Herlene

“I am over the moon with my set of GCSE results. I put in a lot of time leading up to my exams and I would do the same if I were to do it again. I wouldn’t, however, have been able to do it without the support from my friends, family, teachers and tutor throughout the 2 years prior. For everyone next doing exams, keep doing the things you enjoy and work hard! It is all worth it in the end.”Alexander 

We would like to congratulate all of those who received their (i)GCSE results today.