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Horse riding enhances Haileybury's already packed co-curricular offering

A new addition to our already enviable co-curricular programme, is horse riding. 

It is run every Wednesday afternoon at Trent Park Equestrian Stables, which is a short 14 miles from Haileybury. The new co-curricular option caters for all year groups and all abilities.

Trent Park was part of Enfield Chase, dating back to the fourteenth century and was once one of Henry IV's hunting grounds. While a lot has changed since, the fantastic facilities are still second to none. They include long woodland hacks and great indoor (perfect for the wetter days) and outdoor facilities, which make it feels a million miles away from central London.

We have two levels of riders currently learning within our group, beginner and intermediate. Our beginners group are currently learning the ropes and working on walk and trotting independently.

Our second group is made up of intermediate riders. They are practicing getting their horses to listen by making lots of transitions (walk to trot, trot to canter) and working on “figures of 8” and three loop serpentines. Serpentines are a great tool for improving the balance as the frequent changes of direction require concentration from both, horse and rider and accuracy in the aids.

We look forward to the longer days and better weather, when we can all head out on a woodland hack together. We will keep you all posted with how it goes!