Hockey wins skyrocket at Haileybury as Felsted are beaten

This was the week that the 1st XI hockey came of age, claiming one of the giants of the girls’ hockey circuit, dethroning the East of England finalists Felsted, 2-0, in a game of superlative quality.

Emily Sanders and Katie Brooking played as if they were club professionals, herding Felsted attackers expertly away from the danger area before guzzling them for breakfast in the tackle.

Georgia Billings, Georgie Hodges and Grace Rawlins bossed the middle of the park like the titans of hockey they have developed into and Jade Logue, the sharpshooting sniper, showed extraordinary composure in front of goal, bagging a breath-taking brace in a performance of quality and class. So cool and clinical is Jade in the D that we can only presume that she has ice pumping through her veins.

Words simply cannot do all the girls’ efforts justice. A superb win, thoroughly deserved.