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Heath Mount pupil wins Haileybury art competition

Izzie Glencross, a Year 7 pupil from Heath Mount, was declared the winner of the fourth Haileybury Prep and Primary Schools Art Competition.

The awards ceremony took place last Saturday and was attended by about 200 pupils, parents and members of staff from a wide variety of prep and primary schools. Apart from local schools, there were others who came from a distance (eg Reading and Southend-on-Sea) to enjoy the exhibition and awards.

The theme for this year’s competition was "My Favourite Book". Pupils came up with ideas such as book covers, favourite characters and worst villains. With some 500 entries received from 21 schools, the walls of the Attlee Room became a riot of colour and entrants’ vivid imaginations were clearly represented.

Head of Art at Haileybury, John Pearson-Phillips, said the entries were "absolutely superb", and made a huge range of children’s books come to life.

"It was an incredibly difficult task for the judges to settle on the prize winners," he says.

As well as listening to the excellent singing from the Haileybury Chapel Chamber Choir, the visitors were able to have a tour of Haileybury, and also had a chance to see the Isabel Hospice art exhibition of local artists’ work in Big School.

The full list of prizewinners is:

Years 3 & 4
1st place: Rebecca Law, St Aubyn’s School – ‘The pony-mad princess’
2nd place: Tamsin Doll, St Aubyn’s School – ‘The cat that got carried away’
3rd place: Madeleine Weise, Thorpe Hall School – ‘Angelina Ballerina’

Years 5 & 6
1st place: Louise Heliczer, Brookman’s Park Primary School – ‘Chloe’
2nd place: Harry Adams, St John’s School, Northwood – ‘Horrid Henry’s new teacher’
3rd place: Meg Gardner, Dulwich Prep School – ‘A series of unfortunate events’

Years 7 & 8
1st place: Hugo Flawn Thomas, St Andrew’s School, Reading – ‘George’s marvellous medicine goes wrong on plants’
2nd place: Andrew Leeke, The Hall School – ‘Villain’
3rd place: Jenessa Shah, Kingshott School – ‘The Tortoise and the Hare’

Izzie Glencross, Heath Mount (Year 7) – ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’

Congratulations to everyone who took part.