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Happy birthday, William Shakespeare!

Today, Friday 23 April, the English Department celebrated Shakespeare's birthday in fine style. In the morning, a banner was unfurled, proclaiming "Happy Birthday Shakespeare" and all departments found themselves with appropriate Shakespearean quotations plastered around, such as "Sweep on, you fat and greasy citizens" for Dining Hall and "For my part, it was all Greek to me" in Classics.

Throughout the day, the English Department provided cakes with personal quotations for the whole School, spreading the word of Shakespeare all around. However, pupils, Common Room and staff alike were surprised by various members of the English Department declaiming the Bard's work through a loudhailer, to the surprise of many walking down Avenue!

Altogether, the English Department enjoyed the chance to enthuse about Shakespeare and his works and it was an excellent way for them to announce their arrival at the heart of Form Room Block.