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Haileybury’s First Dance Show

Haileybury’s first Dance Show involved over 40 dancers from the Lower, Middle and Upper Schools. The show was an eclectic mix of Tap, Song and Dance, Modern, Ballet and Street Dancing, as well as ensembles and individual numbers of great variety with rousing Irish tapping and silky Modern Jazz.

"The sheer exuberance and commitment of pupils in what was Haileybury’s first attempt at a Dance Show was incredible," says Dance Co-ordinator, Adrian Box.

"The event was a great success, with people saying how much they enjoyed it. For many in the audience, seeing a dance show for the first time, to experience the pageant and thrill of dance and costume was an unexpected and pleasant surprise."

"We wanted the event to be very much a coeducational venture, and we managed to get more boys involved during last term as a group of Lower Sixth boys got the bug. They turned out to be hugely popular in the show," Adrian says.

The show had its origins in the dance and choreography provided previously at Haileybury by Maggie Pagliarulo, and there were some dance lessons provided within girls’ houses. In the summer of 2004, a fun dance event was led with much success by the street and hip hop performer, Eric John. Over 100 pupils took his taster class and danced in Bradby on a warm June evening. Following this, interest in developing dance was evaluated through a questionnaire sent to the Haileybury community.

Michelle King has subsequently become our anchor teacher, and she directed the show in every aspect – choreography, stage and costume design, costume making and general management. Michelle was assisted in preparing the show by Sharon Coleman and Gemma Sirret.