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Haileybury Week gets under way

After the rigours of academic pursuits and the ensuing departure of the Fifths and Upper Sixths, what better way to celebrate our community and its incredible creative endeavours than with a week that delivers a plethora of concerts, shows and events to take us into the Summer holidays.

From Art exhibitions to Shakespeare in the Park, Derek Longman’s farewell organ recital to the Serenade Concert in the Cloisters accompanying the setting sun, from the boisterous offerings from Music and the Deaf (our national charity that we have supported so magnificently this year) to Madrigals by the idyllic setting of Great Amwell village, we start on Thursday 25 June.

Consider supporting any number of these 20 endeavours.

My hope is that the Haileybury Week will grow into a tradition that the school will unite behind, enjoy and look forward to each year. There’s surely a reason for the Fifths and Upper Sixths to return and perform in Gala Concerts, to perform in plays, for the CCF to do their displays, for Athletics to have an afternoon’s focus before the crowning glories of a Speech Day at the very end of the term, followed by the Leavers’ Ball. And just possibly, Hertford Heath would come alive with families and the local community as they enjoyed the spectacles, entertainments and surroundings.

Hoping there’s something for everyone, and some form of nourishment and fulfilment for all.

Quentin Thomas, Director of Music