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Haileybury shines at lacrosse tournament

Haileybury joined Abbot’s Hill, King’s Canterbury, Princes Helena College and Stowe in braving the possibility of bad weather to produce scintillating games of lacrosse at the Small Schools Eastern Qualifier.

The match draw was favourable to Haileybury, but a last-minute withdrawal by St. Margaret’s got the team off to a slow start against Princes Helena College’s second squad. Two losses against PHC’s 1st team and against King’s Canterbury, a tie with Abbot’s Hill and solid wins against PHC’s 2nds and Stowe brought Haileybury into second place after a draw for first place between PHC and King’s Canterbury.

Sephie BridgmanBaker was the leading scorer with Karen Bell following closely with an astonishing number of assists. Lucinda Sibley, who could not finish out the last match due to injury, held the defensive end and encouraged her teammates for an impressive finish.

Congratulations girls!