Haileybury pupils take part in GCHQ Cyber Security competition

The department of computer science at Haileybury is committed to providing many fantastic opportunities to its pupils and to encourage them to be independent, creative and intellectually ambitious.  

As a result, a number of pupils have entered the National Cyber Security Centre and GCHQ’s competition, which aims to discover the next generation of cyber security experts. Consisting of four rounds, we currently have 55 pupils taking part in the first round of the programme, where questions in each stage get increasingly complex and challenging with pupils progressing on the basis of their performance in the previous round.

A number of our pupils have done exceptionally well in the first round, while Dylan, one of our Middles boys, not only has completed all the challenges successfully but went on to complete a bonus challenge! Well done to all, good luck moving into the subsequent rounds and we hope to have as many Haileybury pupils enter the final stage!