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Haileybury pupils produce 97% A* - C grades

GCSE pupils at Haileybury have again achieved outstanding results, with 97% achieving A* – C grades (including IGCSE results), up from 96.1% last year. Of the 119 candidates, 61.5% of pupils achieved A or A* grades, the highest percentage ever.

99.1% of pupils received 5 A* – C grades (excluding Maths and English) while an overall pass rate of 100% was achieved.

Olamide Akin-Olugbade (C), Polina Gordovich (Aby), George Hudson (Tr) and Aran Shaunak (B) were the best achievers, with 10 A*s each. Jacob Simon Lam (L) and Benedict Phillips (Th) were awarded 9 A*s each, while Hannah Russell (H), Samuel Webb (Th) and Mollie Mendoza (C) obtained 8 A*s.

Victoria Hart (C), Edward Graves (L), Penelope Richards (H), Philippa Sheehan (C), Benjamin Balmforth (BFr), Emma Boyd (Aby), James Cura (Tr) and Rosemary Jenkins (Alb) gained 7 A*s.
Joseph Hipkiss (B), George Garthwaite (Th), Josie Chubb (M), Alice Billings (Aby), Gabrielle Kerrison (H), Samrita Mudher (Aby) and Harold Meek (Tr) obtained 6 A*s.

Michael Whitaker (BFr), Sophie Simmonds (Aby), William Southwell (Tr) and Adriana Zurita (M) obtained 5 A*s; Samuel King (E), Hugh Clough (K), Luke Anthony (B), Lewis Colson (Th), Jessica Horne (C), Andreas Payne (K), George Downes (B), Clara Songaila (C) and Tobias Saysell (K) obtained 4 A*s.

These results are on the back of Haileybury’s best ever International Baccalaureate and A Level pass rate, reflecting the culture of high standards, hard work and intellectual curiosity that pervades the school.

"Taking the iGCSE results into account, the percentage of pupils gaining five A* – C grades is excellent, while the number achieving A or A* is the highest ever achieved at Haileybury. This is a wonderful achievement by all our pupils and is proof of the hard work and dedication put in by both pupils and staff," says the Master of Haileybury, Joe Davies.

"These results show the pupils have the necessary work ethic and love of learning to tackle the challenges of study in the Sixth Form, be they A Levels or the IB Diploma Programme," he adds.