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Haileybury pupils achieve excellent IB results

Haileybury’s International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme pupils have produced yet another strong set of results in their 2008 exams, with 10 of the 59 candidates attaining 40 points or more. The maximum points score that an IB pupil can achieve is 45.

The Master, Stuart Westley, says he is delighted that, with an average points score per candidate of 35.4, these were the best IB results since 2003, when there was half the number of candidates. The average points score for Haileybury pupils in 2006 was 34.8 while, in 2007, it improved slightly to 34.9.

Will Grundy (Tr) was the School’s best performing candidate, with an overall score of 44. This massively exceeds the 38 points he required to study History at Oxford. Angelina Volk (M), David McKendrick-Ness (H) and Frederic Kau (K) achieved a score of 43. Other candidates to achieve an average of 40 points or more include Reena Shaunak (H), Stephanie Otte (C), Alastair Marsh (K), Natasha South (Alb), Melissa Fenner (M) and Miranda Atkins (M).

Dr Laura Pugsley, Haileybury’s IB Coordinator, was thrilled with the pupils’ achievements, saying they were testament to hard work and the endeavours of both pupils and staff over the two-year course.