From pen to paper, a Haileybury pupil is the first A-Level pupil to be published in The London Financial

Lower Sixth pupil Danyaal has had an article published in The London Financial, covering Article 16 and the panic button. The London Financial is a student-led publication, made up of writers from a variety of universities who study economics, finance, politics and the like. Danyaal was able to get in contact with the editor-in-chief, who was eager to read Danyaal’s work.

After sending them his essays over the course of a few weeks, the team at The London Financial were impressed, they felt that Danyaal’s work suited their writing style and were eager for him to start writing an article for the publication. After deciding the topic with his Editor, Danyaal begun writing his piece, which was later posted on their website. Danyaal is the first A-Level pupil to be published on the site and it is the first article that he has ever had published on a mainstream publication.

“It’s certainly something I am proud of, to know that I can produce work of that standard at this time, and to have some good recognition of the piece of work I produced.”

The process of writing the article and having it published was what Danyaal described as “short, but lengthy”. Over a two-day period, he worked hard with The London Financial to draft and re-draft the article, trying not to catch the “news burnt out period”. Going through this process and working alongside an editing team, has given him the fundamental skills needed to write more articles in the future.

“I definitely enjoyed the process. It was eye opening and gave me an insight into the process behind the scenes of an article that is published on a mainstream publication. It is something that I definitely wish to do again.”

In the future, Danyaal hopes to go to university to study Land Economy. To view Danyaal’s article, click here.