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Haileybury parents win tennis challenge

On Saturday, 20 March, the Legends Tennis Centre at Haileybury played host to the inaugural Haileybury vs Queenswood Parents’ tennis tournament.

Sixteen players on each team made eight mixed doubles partnerships and each couple played three matches of 25 minutes per match. A point per game won was the scoring system and we are delighted to report that a final score was Queenswood 91 – Haileybury 101 and the Cup is Haileybury’s for the year.

We hope to make this an annual event so please get some practice now as we want to hold on to the silverware. This was a thoroughly fun event, and special mention must go to Sheila Langley at Legends and Claire Gratton (Th rep) for organising the event, and to Liz Walter (C) and Tim Cope (B tutor) who were an outstanding 1st pair.