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Haileybury hockey girls host Argentina side

Last week Haileybury hockey girls played host to two teams from St Albans School in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The 1st XI started slowly, allowing the opposition an early goal 12 minutes into the first half. However, this proved to be a good thing as the team woke up and started to play well together, with some brilliant play from Lizzie Dunning, who managed to overcome countless defenders to deliver the ball to the forwards time and again.

In the second half, the Argentinians struggled to break Haileybury’s defensive line, with Rose Ayton remaining solid at left back. Despite the constant pressure applied by the forwards, the Argentines’ speed and skill continued to hammer our chances and Haileybury failed to score. In spite of the 2-0 final score, it was a brilliant match with two very evenly matched teams.

The 2nd XI also played tremendously to finish with a 2-0 win against an equally tough Argentinian side.

Please click here to view photos of the match.