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Haileybury goes green

Pupils have ‘gone green’ this week to highlight the importance of saving energy, recycling, and minimising wastage.

The members of Haileybury’s Recycling Association (HRA), which was started by now Upper Sixth pupils Romena M and Yana T back in October 2016, have carefully planned and coordinated ‘Haileybury goes green’.

This week-long initiative has included posters up around the campus (pictured – beautifully designed by pupil Zafirah K), talks in Lists and Chapel, activities in the Grubber, and a mufti day. The aim has been to make “everyone aware of the little things that we can all do, that go a long way.”

The mufti day today is raising funds for reusable coffee mugs, made from 45% recycled material, which the pupils have designed and ordered themselves. The mugs will be on sale in the Grubber for £2.55 after Easter – if you purchase a hot or cold drink with one of the mugs, you will save 20p. The aim of this is to reduce the overall consumption of paper cups.

Romena said: “This week has been really important to us in terms of raising awareness about ‘saving the environment’ and the importance of saving energy, recycling and minimising food wastage.”

Romena and Yana, who both study the ‘Environmental Systems and Societies’ course as part of the International Baccalaureate Diploma, originally created the HRA to make sure that paper is recycled separately.

They decorated and designed 50 bins that have been placed all around the school campus to collect paper.

They also contacted a local recycling company, which now visits Haileybury once a fortnight to collect the paper and take it for recycling.

The HRA meets weekly to talk about ways they can make Haileybury more sustainable and raise awareness of green issues.