Haileybury enters the debate over Europe: Kipling won

The finalists of the Junior Inter-House Debating Competition debated the motion 'This House believes that Britain's future lies with Europe, not the USA' on Friday.

With Debating Society President Ollie Hirschfield (E) in the chair, Charles Bickel and Lachlan Okoye for Kipling argued that our closest identity was with Europe and that we did not need to be in the Euro to be close to our free trade partners on the continent. Phoebe Rockall and Georgina Labrum for Allenby argued that our defensive alliance with our fellow language-users kept Britain strong and would in the future. It was a high quality debate with excellent engagement by both sides and some intelligent points from the floor. In the end, the judge, Ben Phillips OH (Th 07.3-12.2) of the London School of Economics, came down narrowly on the side of Kipling's balanced and analytical arguments.

The Senior final between Colvin and Edmonstone will take place on Wednesday (21 November).

Picture: Kipling debaters Charles Bickel and Lachlan Okoye