Haileybury code breakers crowned Cyber Games 5 Champions

A team of Haileybury pupils battled it out in an exciting national cyber competition this week and returned to the College as champions.

Team leader Ben Hirschfield (E V), Marie Obrowski (Alb V), Ed Davies (K M) and Katie Price (Alb V) won the UK Schools Cyber Security Games 5 run by Cyber Security Challenge UK.

The competition, which took place in the Computer Science department at Warwick University, saw our pupils compete in a variety of cyber battles against pupils from other schools.

The battles involved cracking ciphers and codes and were specially created by leading industry employers such as National Grid, BT and GCHQ.

Mr Jon Spavin, Head of ICT & Computing said, “It was a great achievement to get to the final and they won it! They had a marvellous day at the Computer Science department at Warwick University.

"They met teams from other schools and completed challenges set up by the likes of GCHQ, the UK’s National Cyber Crime unit, Air Bus Security, National Grid cyber defence, professions penetration experts and a Computer Science team from the university.”