fbpx Celebration time: Haileybury A level pupils excel with 91.5% awarded exceptional A* - B grades and 70% receiving grades of A* - A - Haileybury

Celebration time: Haileybury A level pupils excel with 91.5% awarded exceptional A* - B grades and 70% receiving grades of A* - A

A level pupils in our Class of 2021 have excelled with 91.5% of all grades being awarded at A* – B, 70% at A* – A and an exceptional 36% at A*. When taken in combination with the equally fantastic International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) results that were received early this year, graduates in the Class of 2021 have achieved a staggering 95% of grades at A* – B or the equivalent. Their outstanding efforts have secured their spots at some of the top universities in the world; including Oxford and Cambridge.

Upper Sixth pupils Joshua and Oscar both successfully received four A* grades, with Joshua now moving on to study Mathematics at the University of Oxford and Oscar studying Natural Sciences at the University of Bath. A further 13 pupils were awarded three A*’s or better.

Oscar said: “I have accepted my offer from Bath to study Natural Sciences. I am excited about what university brings and look forward to the next challenge. I have enjoyed and gained so much from my time at Haileybury, it is a great community and there are so many fantastic opportunities beyond the excellent academic support. I would like to thank my parents, staff and friends for being with me the whole way.”

Charlotte, Lily and Lexi all achieved three A* grades. When asked how it felt to have achieved three A* grades, Lexi said: “It feels euphoric. I have always loved studying English, History and Classical Civilisation and I am so excited that my results reflect my passions. I am so thankful to have had such amazing and supportive A level teachers. I am very much looking forward to studying English and Classical Civilisation and Literature at the University of Birmingham this coming September.”

Charlotte said: “I honestly couldn’t quite believe it. I knew I worked as hard as I could and pushed myself to achieve my fullest potential and I couldn’t be happier! Haileybury will always have a special place in my heart; having come into Lower School at age 11, it has been a second home to me. Thank you to everyone who was part of my Haileybury journey!”

Another to note is Upper Sixth pupil Julian, who received a fantastic set of results in five A levels, with three graded at A* and two graded at A. Julian will now go on to study Law at Cambridge University. Julian said: “I am incredibly happy and proud; I can’t quite believe everything that is happening is real. I am also thankful because getting this far would not have been possible without my amazing teachers. I have not once regretted coming to Haileybury and it is not easy to accept that this fantastic part of my life is now over.”


When asked if he had any advice for others who will be completing A levels in the future, Julian added: “From experience I know that nothing is harder than tackling big tasks when the deadline is coming up. You can avoid so much stress by just starting when work is set and doing small bits at a time.”

Upper Sixth pupil Tiffany also received an outstanding set of results, achieving three A* grades and an A grade, securing her place at University College London (UCL). Tiffany said: “I am really looking forward to a new chapter in my life. I definitely enjoyed studying at Haileybury, my teachers are of the best I have ever met and I would like to thank them for giving me lots of advice.”

Achieving such exceptional results demonstrates the hard work, dedication and resilience of our pupils, especially during what have been difficult circumstances over the past year. Alongside this, they have continually shown a strong work ethic and have remained determined throughout their two-year courses.

The Master, Martin Collier said: “This is an excellent set of examination results. We are deeply proud of our pupils and impressed by their considerable achievements. These results stand as a testament to our pupils’ resilience, their hard work and determination to succeed to the very best of their ability. These grades are also the result of the extraordinary efforts, individual and collective, of the teaching staff. Despite the considerable obstacles faced over the course of the two years of study, the pupils have achieved the grades that they deserve.”

We would like to congratulate all of our A level pupils on their results and we wish everyone the best of luck for the future.