fbpx Haileybury 1st rackets pair to be online today - Haileybury

Haileybury 1st rackets pair to be online today

From 2.30pm this afternoon (Thursday, 31 March), the Public Schools Rackets Championships are being filmed and shown live at:


All remaining matches in the boys’ competitions, plus some of the girls, will be shown live during the next three days, until the Championship’s conclusion on Saturday afternoon.

This is the first time there has been live coverage and Haileybury 1st Pair will be playing in the Quarter-Finals, against the 4th seeds, Tonbridge at 3:45pm.

On Friday, Jessica Billings and Ella Gaskell will also be on show, playing in the first ever girls’ singles competitions.

The draws and updated results can be found at http://www.tennisandrackets.com/

Click on this season’s tournaments, then scroll down to Public Schools Doubles and click on more details.