fbpx Good win for 2nd XII against Uppingham - Haileybury

Good win for 2nd XII against Uppingham

The 2nd XII lacrosse team had a fierce game against Uppingham last weekend. There were bloodied knuckles along with checks to the face and arms. But, thanks to a persistent defence and an unrelenting attack, we won 5-4.

Ashley Coe had some excellent interceptions and Sara Peters-Harrison had a number of great saves. Amber Banbury, Ashling Coyle, Katie Stacey and Sissy Reuter all worked hard to score their goals. What a way to lead up to our last game of the season next week!

The 3rd XII team had a slow start to their match. Promotions to the 2nd squad and injuries thinned out our usual line-up and made the first quarter a matter of possession rather than points, as the team struggled to match their opponents. We duly cleared the shots taken on Alex Allen, our goalie, and the defence was steadily pushing up the ball. Our attack had trouble finishing despite the outstanding effort of Alex Harmer, who put our only goal of the game away. Strong challenges were made by Charlie Gillis and Catherine Polly, but in the end the team was overcome 1-7.