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Generation "Y" urged to make a difference at Haileybury MUN

Six hundred pupil and teacher delegates from around the World packed into Haileybury's sports hall along with 200 Haileybury pupils on Friday 20 March to hear the opening address of this year's haileybury Model United Nations (MUN). Lord Rupert Redesdale, who is passionate about climate change, talked inspiringly about how the United Nations is a voice for the whole World. He urged the delegates of Generation "Y" ("Y" for contemporary youth who were born between 1980 and 2000) to believe that they can make a positive difference to the problems of the World. He reflected on the fact that the MUN was originally set up to establish peace. It now considers many issues facing the international community, including global warming, disease control, diplomatic matters and geopolitics, to name but a few. Lord Redesdale regailed the audience with an anecdote in which he explained that in his capacity as Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Committee on the Western Sahara that he had written a letter to the Secretary General of the United Nations requesting a meeting to discuss concerns about the Polisario liberation movement in the Western Sahara. Much to Lord Redesdale's surprise a meeting was granted and the United Nations did indeed get involved in helping to resolve the troubles of that region. Although at pains to stress that the issue may already have been on the Secretary General's agenda, Lord Redesdale held this example up as a rallying call to encourage us all to take simple steps like writing a letter, to help solve some of the World's problems.