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Gabby receives Harvard Book Prize

Gabby Kerrison (H) is Haileybury’s 2011 recipient of the Harvard Book Prize in recognition of her excellent AS results in the Summer exams.

Gabby obtained five As in Maths, Chemistry, Classical Greek, Latin and Physics. Although she has dropped Physics for her A2s, she hopes to emulate these results in her final exams next year, before going on to study Chemistry at either Bath or Oxford.

Every year the Harvard Club of the UK selects a book to award to an outstanding pupil at selected secondary schools. The Prize Book is awarded to ‘an outstanding student in the penultimate year, academically excellent, with exceptional personal qualities, who makes a significant contribution to school or community’.

Only 100 Harvard Prize Books are awarded annually in the United Kingdom. This year’s book, The Future of Power, by Joseph Nye, looks at what has happened to American power from the time of Kennedy in the ’60s through the present day.

In addition to her studies, Gabby has been involved in music at Haileybury, as well as representing the school at debating competitions and excelling at the annual Maths Challenges, both in an individual capacity and as part of the school team. She is also deputy head of Hailey House this year.