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Four lacrosse players to try out for county

The 1st and 2nd lacrosse teams had considerable success at this weekend’s county tournament.

The 1st XII had a great morning across the board. The team beat Bedford Modern 5-2 and Norwich 9-1, tied St George’s 2-2 and conceded to the tournament winners, Berkhamsted, 5-0.

The Most Valuble Player was Izzie Baugh, who also earned a trial for the county team along with Lauren Smith, Alex Cobb and Sophie Baird.

The seconds did well with Lucy Joseph being voted Most Valuable Player by the opposition coaches. The highlight of their morning came during the playoff against Abbots Hill, a match they drew thanks to a last-minute drive by Kara Stone.

Overall, Haileybury Lacrosse has had a good show at these tournaments, earning eight nominations overall!