fbpx First win of the season for lacrosse team - Haileybury

First win of the season for lacrosse team

The Haileybury lacrosse season has started in earnest, with 17 players giving up valuable tanning time to attend the first ever pre-season training camp.

The demanding schedule effectively delivered a half term’s training in three days and our athletes rose to the challenge beautifully.

The first game of the season was against the St George’s squad, one of the more formidable programmes in the area. Despite their draw dominance, our defence held strong against the 22-strong squad. Possession soon fell to our side again and no fewer than four different attackers scored, rocketing the score to 5-2.

The opening of the second half saw the St. George’s reassessment of the Haileybury team, attested to by the first string of players for St. George’s starting play. Their fresh legs and drive brought the score even with 10 minutes to the closing whistle. Haileybury dug deep and dominated possession in the face of this new threat. Captain Lauren Smith and attack wing Lucy Philips drove 3 and 2 goals respectively in these closing moments of the game for a comfortable 10-7 win to open our season.

We play at home this weekend and look forward to seeing our supporters there!