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Excellent GCSE Maths results

The Haileybury GCSE maths students have performed particularly well this year, gaining 25 A*s and 5 As.

Head of Maths, Dr Duncan Harvey, says the department is thrilled with the grades of all 30 early entry candidates. "We are very proud of the pupils’ achievements and congratulations must go to the teachers of the top two sets who were entered for the early exam – Mr Ian Pinnington, who usually takes set 1, was responsible for a majority of A*s in set 2 this year, and Mr Bert Robinson achieved the first ever clean sweep of A*s in set 1."

These talented students now embark on a programme of advanced mathematics topics to prepare them for both the A level and IB mathematics courses that are followed at Haileybury.

The full results are:
V Set 1 Acc HHR
Auster, Sophie A*
Banbury, Amber S.E. A*
Battersby, Susanna A*
Burn, Frances A*
Coe, Ashley A*
Haslam, Thomas S. A*
Henderson, Hugo A*
Hickson, David A*
Hodgins, Jeremy A*
Lucas, Christopher J. A*
Middleton, Adrien S. A*
Middleton, Christopher A*
Mitchell, Samantha A*
Munn, Sophie M. A*
Nash, Matthew W. A*
So, Kelvin A*
Steele, Richard M. A*
Taylor, William A*
Thomas, Amy A*

V Set 2 Acc IJP
Ayers, Rhys D. A
Beizley-Male, Rachel C. A
Butter, Alexandra A*
Deng, Nancy A
Haslam, Eleanor C. A*
Horne, Edward D. A*
Omarov, Nikitas A*
Skinner, James A*
Swaby, Laura H. A
Taylor, Matthew A. A*
Willmot, Samantha J. A