fbpx Lower School Art Exhibition - Haileybury

Lower School Art Exhibition


  • Day

    Thursday 25 April 2024

  • Time

    6.00 pm

  • Location

    Music School Foyer

‘Hybrid’ has been a key theme for the Lower School 1 artists. Working with collage, digital manipulations, sculptures and monoprints the pupils have explored facial features (and animal features) in depth. This has allowed them to refine their skills before drawing, distorting and sculpting. Pupils have looked at Alessandro Gallo, Kate Clark and Marc Quinn in order to provide a contextual basis to their work.

Peter Blake, Jasper Johns and Isabel Grant have inspired our Lower School 2 artists exploring the alphabet in a variety of different ways. Artists have explored sculpture, lino printing, cyanotypes  and painting representing letters in their different shapes and forms.