fbpx Erasmus Essay Competition - Haileybury

Erasmus Essay Competition

On Monday morning (17 September) some of Haileybury’s most able Sixth Form pupils sat the Erasmus Philosophy Essay Competition. This is the first year that Haileybury has entered the Erasmus Competition and entrants from Haileybury will compete against pupils from other schools including Winchester, Rugby, Oundle, City of London for Boys and Wycombe Abbey.

The competition takes the form of a three hour paper on an unseen question and is aimed at the most academically able from each school, enabling them to undertake independent research in an area of philosophy not covered by any syllabus. Pupils prepare by reading up on a general subject. This year the subject was Inequality with pupils choosing to write an essay on either "Can inequality ever be justified?" or "Would a good society be an equal society?" The best essays will be submitted to Professor Jo Wolff of UCL with prizes being awarded early in 2013.